"Good Wood" value chain model

The Good Wood value chain model takes the integrated forest–industry–market approach, developed in Sweden, and applies it to tropical forests in the Global South. We believe it will enable us transform the entire tropical forestry industry from degrading and unsustainable to productive and even improving forest conditions.

I love this idea, but it is still only theory. In close partnership with Eco-Innovation Foundation, I am leading research to further develop the science behind it, critically evaluate and and quantify the outcomes, and estimate its potential impact. Specifically we are working to:

  1. Develop restorative forest management plans integrated with industry and markets (starting with miombo woodlands)
  2. Implement and monitor proposed management plans
  3. Model forest growth and yield with 100 years of Good Wood forest management
  4. Quantify the potential to restore degraded forests, sequester carbon, and produce timber yields across the Global South
  5. Assess the business case for Good Wood sawmills and forestry concessions
  6. Assess whether Good Wood businesses improve local livelihoods
  7. Create prototypes of new wood products in partnership with large-scale customers
  8. Generate viable roadmaps for stepwise scaling up of both restoration and industrial operations
  9. Determine what conditions are necessary to enable implementation of the Good Wood value chain model (e.g., policies, markets, industries, capacity)

Watch my presentation (manifesto) here: (begins around 21:40).


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Climate-effective reduced impact logging (RIL-C)

With colleagues at The Nature Conservancy and universities around the world, we found that RIL-C has the potential to reduce emissions by almost half from selectively logged natural tropical forests.

See our Special Issue

Ethiopian Forest Sector Development Program

SLU leads a team to help build capacity within the forestry sector. I am involved in the Training of Trainers for the 'Silviculture and natural forest management' module.


Financed by by Sida and UNDP.

SG0258: Sustainable Forest Management & Land Use in the Tropics

We are offering a new course at SLU in

Umeå. We alternate between field trips to Mozambique (2020) and Sabah in Malaysian Borneo (2021).

See course website.