Mission mindset


3 February 2021 – Sustainable Forestry Management Developing an inclusive and thriving Green Economy in Ghana

  • Keynote speech to show what is possible within the forest sector and that it is actually possible

13 Jan. 2021 – SLU Postdoc Association

  • How to re-write your story

I work on climate change mitigation, sustainable development, and creating an entirely new forest-based industry across the tropics. This stuff is hard, scary, and completely overwhelming! I often want to crumple in despair and self doubt and give up on the whole thing… but I can't actually give up on the world like that.

Instead, I draw enormous amounts of inspiration from Christiana Figueres, who insists that the future isn’t set yet. We have to imagine a new world, keep believing in it, and then do the work to make it happen (check out her fabulous Ted talk).

This is exactly what the coaching model I use teaches—that our thoughts create our feelings, our feelings drive our actions, and our actions produce our results. It is all extremely logical and the key to sustaining my efforts, managing my time and energy, allowing for the incredible discomfort of being in over my head and going forward anyway, and eventually making outrageous things happen.

Coaching gives us super powerful tools, and I want them in the hands of people making the world a better place. I have, thus, created Mission Mindset Coaching to provide coaching-infused workshops and full-on coaching for people working towards sustainability and transformational change. We need so many brave, resilient, and well-equipped friends on this mission!!

Please reach out if you are interested in a workshop or 1:1 coaching.

Recent workshops:

28 April 2021 – Umeå Transformation Research Initiative’s Young Researcher Network

  • What is research towards sustainability? My work on transforming the tropical timber industry and who you have to become to work on massive sustainability challenges