Join us


My group is expanding!

Please contact me if you are interested in

  • Doing a postdoc, master's, or PhD with me—especially if you live and work in Mozambique or Tanzania.
  • Collaborating on The Wood Solution as a researcher, entrepreneur, technician, buyer, etc.

We are looking for people that are great fun to work with and have expertise in 

  • Forest and woodland management/ silviculture
  • Forest growth and yield modelling
  • Life cycle assessment
  • Wood technology and product development
  • Market  and value chain development
  • Finance
  • Economics
  • Communications 

You will love working for me if…

  • You have a strong desire to help the world transition to a sustainable bio-based economy, mitigate climate change, conserve biodiversity through maintaining and restoring terrestrial ecosystems, reduce poverty and inequality, and promote inclusive and transparent businesses.
  • You are willing to take on a huge challenge (actually, many huge challenges) and find solutions that work.
  • You are committed to learning and developing as a person.
  • You have own ideas and goals that are aligned with mine and want mentoring and coaching to clarify and achieve them.
  • You want a mentor that will help you unlock your own genius and learn how to learn, rather than telling you what to do.
  • You value and incorporate feedback.
  • You want to be a part of a team, build genuine friendships with your colleagues, and do amazing things.
  • You like checking in regularly and helping each other.
  • You are ready to take personally responsibility for your work and ask for help and talk through problems whenever necessary.
  • You want to travel and meet new people (which is not always glamourous but ultimately very rewarding!)

I am not a good mentor for you if…

  • You just want to get paid or complete your thesis.
  • You just want to do your own work and not be distracted by others or the bigger picture.
  • If you need extrinsic motivation, require a high level of handholding, or want me to do a lot of the work for you.
  • You don’t like feedback and get defensive rather than curious.
  • You want a supervisor that focuses more on academic rigor, fancy technology, and upholding the rules over doing work that has a real-world impact. (That said, if you have another supervisor to do that part, please bring them in!)

Check out my Mission, Vision, and Values.